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Learn All About Music with a Trip to Kidder Music!

Every March & April, we host field trips for pre-school and early elementary students. Our free program offers your children the chance to learn about the many ways we can express ourselves through music. The program starts with a warm welcome from our staff and consists of the following:

  • Welcome  – Children are greeted by our staff and given a brief overview of sound, music, and instruments.
  • Instrument Demonstration – Members of our staff demonstrate each family of instruments.
  • Store Tour – We’ll take a quick tour of our repair shop, warehouse and sales floor.
  • Instrument Tryouts – Children get the opportunity to try a percussion or string instrument.

Throughout their visit, children will be engaged with fun question & answer sessions, hands on learning opportunities and interaction lots of friendly faces. They’ll meet our sales staff, repair technicians, and shipping clerk as we all come together to show the fun that can be had with music.

The entire presentation generally lasts 50-60 minutes. We are flexible and can accommodate longer and shorter time spans as well. We offer a morning and afternoon session on every weekday in March and April. Many different organizations have taken part in our tours, including child care centers, church groups, home school groups, and more!

To learn more or request a date, contact Brian Spicklemire at 309-692-4040 or brian AT kiddermusic DOT com.



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