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There's a reason that people choose Kidder Music for their sheet music needs. We offer quality selection and service that is second to none. Our inventory contains thousands of titles and we are able to order many more. Need help finding a particular title? Let us do the searching! We're always happy to help our customers find the music they need.

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Need music now? You can download and print thousands of titles on your own computer! It's quick and easy. Click below for your favorite arrangements of Pop, Rock, Country and more. You can download music for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Choral Arrangements, Fake Books/Lead Sheets, and more! Each service has a different selection available, so be sure to check both to find what you need.

Sheet Music Direct - Thousands of titles directly from Hal Leonard

Download and print over 40,000 Hal Leonard titles. Anytime, anywhere.

 Thousands of titles by Alfred Music Publications available 24/7.

In-Store Downloads

If computers are not your specialty, let us do the work! We'll be happy to print your sheet music at one of our stores.


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