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The Kidder Music Rental Program!

Band and Full-Sized Orchestra Instrument Rental
-Our rental program is flexible with quality, teacher approved instruments.
-It is a rent-to own program with no obligation to buy.
-100% of your rental payment applies to the purchase for the first six months.  Starting in the 7th month of rental, a finance charge* will come out of your monthly payment and not apply to the principle.  Your monthly payment will not change.
-Your instrument can be returned or exchanged at any time.
-If you exchange instruments, the money you have paid will transfer to the new instrument.
-You can pay off your instrument at any time and receive a 20% discount off of the remaining balance.**
-The maintenance and repair fee covers regular maintenance and accidental damage.**
Partial-Sized Orchestra Instruments
-We offer teacher approved, quality instruments.

-Your instrument can be returned or exchanged at any time.**

-The maintenance and repair fee covers regular maintenance (including strings) and accidental damage.**

-The partial sized instruments are a rental only instrument, as your student will outgrow them. 

-24 months of your rental money is applicable to the purchase of an intermediate level instrument.

        *1% per month calculated on the unpaid principle balance.  12% APR.  
         ** Account must be in good standing.